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+34 954 900 191
Calle Alameda de Hércules, 31 Sevilla
Pension Alameda Pension Alameda Pension Alameda

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Hostal Alameda - Sevilla

Family business with over 15 years experience, we will make your stay in Seville is the most pleasant possible. We will provide a map of Sevilla for free if you need it and will recommend the places that interest you. The Boulevard Mall is a newly renovated, with great atmosphere alternative daytime and nightlife. It has a variety of catering establishments. And very sunny.

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G., 2015-01-13 13:35:46

Friendly staff and great location

Antonio, 2014-10-28 05:02:40


Nanda, 2014-08-27 13:21:40

Clean room, friendly staff, nice location, fine beds

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Discover Sevilla - Andalucía

Seville, capital of Andalusia, Roman, Arabic, Renaissance, Baroque, Latin American, Marian, flamenco, bull-fighting, modern, festive, bright, perfumed, sea-faring, traditional, hospitable, gracious, cosmopolitan, religious... All of these adjectives, and many more can be applied to this city, which not only typifies all that is "Spanish" and "Andalusian", but also contains such innumerous artistic, cultural, leisure, social and tourist attractions, that is has also become one of the most universal, best-known and most-visited cities in the world, birthplace and inspiration of writers, painters and artists in general.

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